The COVID 19 pandemic made long vacation to all of us and no matter which region in the world but COVID 19 pandemic made a whole world health and economic crisis. Many of us loss the income sources and unfortunately some of us hospitalized and left this beautiful world.

WHO says doing in regular exercise helps to prevent the COVID 19 and we are personally recommending individual activities, without gathering group of people. Hence cycling is the best activity to do the people and avoiding the close contacts.

If you are lockdown at home this is the best period extend the relationship with family and think about the physical fitness of you. I do not think, we will get like this long vacations again, hence if we invest lockdown period improve the physical fitness, then that may helps to stay away from the COVID 19 and other health issues as well.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka started “COVID 19 Losers” programme with 15 employment lost people. When they were start cycling with us body weight over 110 Kg, addicted to alcohol and some of them getting psychology consultations due to losing jobs and psychology stress. Those participants continuously cycle along individually according to we have given schedules and it is pleasure to announce all of them lost 25 – 30 Kg and saved psychology consultation fee. Most of them extended family relationship again. Most beautiful thing is all of them turn up good health life style.

So our valued cycling riders invest this lockdown period and improve the health conditions. One day COVID 19 will be ended but if you did not continue or follow good health guidelines for sure you will suffer many health diseases. However, if you manage the time and motivated to doing regular exercise… keep good health and better life…!

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On Day 136 of my no-shopping-diet challenge, I decided to take a risk by blending trends. I believe it a risk, because it really is, because sometimes, it may become somewhat much and you end up”not hot” but a”hot mess” instead.

There’s a bit of theory supporting the science of mixing though. . .at least that is the way I view it. I do not claim to be a style guru but just see if my theories work for you also. Who knows, you might be doing them … and feel free to add to these ones!

Thus, for those of you on the verge of breaking out of their fashion cubes, here are a few practical hints in mixing tendencies if that is how you wish to go.

  1. Pick one fashion as the centerpiece. For me personally, it was a pleated multipurpose skirt. Electric pleating found its heydays in the 80’s if I recall correctly but we watched a lot of it this season on the runways and at shops. So, I picked one of my electrical pleated skirts because my base and since it was colorful enough, and come to think of it, too representing the”color-blocking” trend we had this year, I could practically fit it with whatever.
  2. Learn your colour wheel by heart. That is the ABC’s of fashion. Learn your colour wheel well and it’ll serve you in all your style choices. Your primary’s and secondary, and those in-between colors with delectable titles like melon orange or salmon pink… you can mix and match your clothes by simply enjoying the colors of your color wheel.
  3. Sometimes print on print functions, sometimes it doesn’t. That one you need to experiment with. When going for print on print though, also make it look simple and not too busy, it helps to have, different prints and within precisely the exact same color palette or if you have to do contrasting colours, then have various prints but of the same or within the same size-range.
  4. Go for impartial colors even as you perform up with texture. Since you’re already playing up one or two trends, neutral colors will highlight and not divert from your appearance. By way of example, a belt having a weave design in a neutral beige colour will be perfect for a around colorful outfit or a scarf in a deep grey or chocolate brown color might go down really well with a print onto print outfit using contrasting colours.
  5. Last but not the least, of course you are going to want to place the bling on. You desire a seamless look after all, not one that screams, “I could not decide what to wear so that I wore what”.

Some of my best gaming experiences; really, just a few of my finest experiences alone throughout the last year of the 80’s and throughout the 90’s came in the amazing”Point and Click Adventure” genre. Also called”Graphic Adventures”, every game was a complete trip, deep layered and immersive – I tuned out of reality and tuned in to another world, letting me be someone else from the time these disks were inserted into the time I flicked that ON/OFF change and went to bed.

To escape my normal school kid life, all I had to do was boot , and I instantly became a pirate, a secret agent, a time traveller, a space janitor, a detective, an archeologist, a magician or a warrior. Douglas Quaid had “Rekall”, I had my Amiga.

This was past”the book”; Point and Click adventures allowed the player to delve in to a wealthy story but really be the protagonist, walk as these, respond as them, socialize with different characters as them and make their decisions for them; each time being rewarded with additional narrative, conundrums and puzzles. Prior to the integration of real audio dialogue into the matches when they came on CD-ROM years after (that I presume spoiled them); the much cooler generation of users of the restricted capacity floppy disc were forced to read all of the dialogue in their head, (creating their own voices if they desired ) with a 16-bit soundtrack and sound effects to accompany them. It was a sublime experience.

I preferred to Point’n’Click
Often with the interesting story-lines and with the intense need to win against the current puzzle; players could invest countless hours into the games with no break, playing daily, evening and in to the wee hours of the morning. With a weary mind this could transform them in to a trance-like, dreamlike state, like the dream they had been having was in front of them but it was in full colour, entirely controllable and lucid. These were the best dreams they’d ever had. Everything outside the four sides of the screen facing these crumbled away and nothing else existed except for its experience; the only reminder they were a human-being looking on was the feeling of their wrist and hand Pointing with the mouse along with the noise of this Clicks as they picked a verb, then an object.

It was a really personal and solitary experience; a journey which could only really be enjoyed thoroughly when done independently. I sat with a friend once, together trying to conquer some puzzles of a certain game that was out in the time, at his house. I had the impression I was encroaching on his experience, and that I was definitely spoiling mine; that was an adventure which I wished to have shut away in my own bedroom, not his. It was similar to trying to sit and read a classic book at the same time as another individual, both peering over the same pages, one wanting to flip a page and get it through, and the other wanting to hang around and take in the intricacies of this story and the dialogue and also apply imagination to improve the scene. We were just two different examples of that sprite in two different mindsets. On his display has been the specific same animated collection of pixels, but I did not recognise that character, it wasn’t exactly the exact same one which was waiting for me back home. We’d been through different objects at different times; I’d built up a rapport with mine, and here was just a clone carrying out actions that I wished to spare for after – it wasn’t the same. Obviously I never attempted co-playing a PointId Click again.

Graphic Adventure piracy, before Monkey Island
It all began for me in 1989, I’d given to me by my Uncle a pirated copy (naughty naughty) of the brilliant Prospective Wars by Delphine – that wetted my appetite for the genre, however since just one floppy disc was handed over for (unbeknown to either people ) a two disk game, I was only able to finish a few of the puzzles before being asked to”Insert Disk 2″. With no disc, I was not able to continue which was frustrating to say the least, but this had me hungry for graphic adventures – I needed to perform more.

I used to purchase Amiga games out of some type of mail order catalogue (I can not remember for the life span of me what this was called, or I had been doing it this way since I could probably go to a computer store in town) I think though that this catalogue contained games that weren’t widely known or distributed at the time, perhaps from overseas. Contained within it, a small advert showing a match with strange and exciting cover artwork, such as that of a cool 80’s cartoon or movie, that was accompanied with a captivating sales pitch – right there and then I needed to learn what was happening in the Maniac Mansion. And so it was arranged and the waiting period commenced (I seem to recall 14 – 28 days?) . Each day was a”Has the postman been” Regular, until a warm and fuzzy Saturday morning, eventually it had arrived. I remember opening the big brown jiffy bag and pulling out that amazing box. If I was not already drawn in; that inside of the box was a massive poster depicting a noticeboard with all sorts of plot related and character back-story references really clinched it. Maniac Mansion Disc 1 was in, and I was moving into Maniac Mansion.

Having a company craving for pointing and clicking, and as the 90’s arrived, many more names ensued; Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Secret of Monkey Island, Operation Stealth, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, Cruise for a Corpse, Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Dark Chocolate, Dreamweb, KGB. . Some atmospheric and serious, some filled with incredible wit and humour; they came thick and fast, each carrying me into a different location, time, and life.
As the genre became popular and consistently filled the charts, it was not long until sequels appeared giving us even more adventures and even more hours to spend with (as) our favourite characters.

However, as consoles came increasingly more into the limelight with their gamepads, this meant the end of clicking and pointing (of courseconsoles don’t use a mouse), also with game sales at an all-time low due to the sum of floppy disk piracy; that meant the ending of the Amiga. PC’s carried on for a time with the genre but with the new generation wanting more shock value and exciting games in realtime 3D; the whimsical innocence of the Point and Click games as we understand them fizzled out and the adventures were apparently over. Fast forward 15 or so years… Although lacking interaction authenticity (less like”point and click”, more like”Look then Touch” experiences ), in the past few years with the closeness of touch display devices and tablets the Point and Click adventure made a return and that I was happy to observe the re-release of a few classics. It’s nice to find the genre getting popular once more, although regrettably, for me they have lost the charm that made the matches they were. Or maybe it was due to everything else was happening (or not going on) out of their computer screen at that moment. In an age before the internet, cellular phones, social networking, MMO’s and instantaneous digital entertainment there were few places in which to transpose the consciousness of a young boy who was seeking real experience. With such a lack of options at that time for escapism, the Point and Click adventure was a Point and a Click away from an entirely different world.

Adventure Time has definitely taken the world by storm. Head on down to your regional Slackers, and you’ll observe comics, figures, and dvds, but now you can now bring Jake the Dog and Finn the Human with you on the encounter together with Adventure Time: Hello Ice King! Why would You Steal Our Garbage on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS!

If you’re a fan of old school Nintendo games, then straight off the bat, you might get a sense of retro déjà vu. The game play is quite similar to Zelda II, using an overworld map, and side scrolling dungeon regions scattered all over the Property of Ooo.

The levels themselves are pretty standard (scary woods and ice castles), but feature a huge variety of enemies, from mind-controlling worms to sentient signposts. Most enemies are simple enough to manage by themselves, but some of them pack a wallop. So stock up on sandwiches and milkshakes or things might find a little hard for you.

One of the best parts of this game is the story. Fans of Adventure Time will be glad to know that it had been written by the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, so the story is solid. You play as Finn the Individual as you (if the title didn’t give you a hint) attempt to discover just why exactly the Ice King has stolen your crap.

The sport itself is a great piece of nostalgic side scrolling hackslash, together with beautifully rendered graphics that follow the sense of the series. The pacing is strong, and leaves you excited for what the upcoming new place has in store.

Adventure Time also has among the greatest uses of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS around also. The worlds have an almost pop-up novel quality to them, making the graphics feel very vivid and living, which is not an easy feat for such an easy game.

The only real problem I had with this game was the length. Though this may be ideal for kids with shorter attention spans, for your older fans of the show, it may leave you wanting more. A game like this should take a while to playwith, so that you can soak up the beautiful art, level up, explore, and possess a sense of accomplishment when completed. Though the game was a lot of fun, it really felt hurried.

Another dilemma is a troublesome little glitch during an end game boss combat. It took several tries, and many trips to the web for help to figure out a strategy to beat it. Given the target market for this game (kids ) it would not be surprising if many gave up on finishing this game from frustration.

However, Adventure Time: Hello Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage provides a solid gaming experience perfect for fans of this series and casual gamers alike. And, with the extra portability, any moment might be ADVENTURE TIME!

Cycling is a superb way to get out of the gym and remain in shape. This aerobic activity strengthens your abdominal and leg muscles. However, if safety precautions are not heeded, a fisherman can find himself at risk.

Pump the brakes. Ensure the chain is tightened, and check for broken or loose pieces. If you are riding with a children’s bike seat, be certain that you have the appropriate type for your bike. Do not attach just any seat to your bicycle. Furthermore, be certain that you as well as your child always wear helmets when riding. Placing talked guards on your bicycle’s wheels will reduce the probability of your child’s shoelaces or toes getting entangled.

Should you ride against the traffic flow, you will be in danger, and it is illegal. A collision with a car would affect a cyclist more difficult and at a faster rate than when riding with the flow of traffic. Remember that both the automobile driver and bicycle rider would have significantly less time to respond. Many motorists pulling out from driveways and parking lots as well as those making right turns aren’t likely to expect to see traffic coming at them from the wrong direction. A motorist could accelerate toward a cyclist without realizing his whereabouts.

Avoid staying in blind spots. When you cease, be certain to pull up behind automobiles, instead of beside them since a car’s blind spots are located on its sides.

Brighten yourself by buying a headlight. Most places require a back light when nighttime riding. Even using a mild during the day helps motorists to see you. You could even put money into a light that flashes like a strobe to make yourself visible.

By biking safely, you create the road a safer place to yourself and others.

When mother nature was planning the human body, she did not take into account that one day we would be traveling on two wheels while spending hours sitting on a small saddle leaning forward and pedaling aggressively.

Riding a bike is an intense physical activity. It can put a lot of stress on major body parts and systems like circulation, muscles and even skin.

We need to always be aware and take preventive actions when it comes to bicycling for health so that we never have to spend too long out of that seat.

Note – When I first wrote this page it was before my Rhine River Tour. Now I know how healthy biking is crucial, especially on long trips.

Bicycling for Health – Starting from the Beginning

Whatever your fitness level, cycling can be incorporated into your schedule to improve your overall fitness and quality of life. If you are not currently exercising, concentrate on simply making fitness a part of your life. There will be time to improve your fitness level, but don’t forget to enjoy the scenery along the way!

In order to improve your cardiovascular fitness, consider cycling for a minimum of 30 minutes, three times per week. After several weeks you should begin to feel stronger, and more comfortable cycling. At this point, think about extending your cycling trips to 45-60 minutes, 4-5 times per week. If you increase the amount of exercise gradually, you will avoid injury and excessive discomfort.

Remember, if you regularly make time in your week for fitness, the health benefits of cycling will become readily apparent to you after only a short while.

Different Types of Riding for All Skill Levels

Cycling offers something for everyone. Remember, you don’t have to pedal through countless, painful kilometers to enjoy the benefits of cycling. Simply cycling to work or school several times a week will improve your quality of life.

The next time you are traveling, think about enjoying the scenery on two wheels. Many cities offer cycling tours. These allow you to enjoy the sights at a slower pace – all while you are getting exercise. Who would have thought fitness was this easy?

If you are looking for more adventure, consider mountain biking. Think of mountain biking as hiking on two wheels. Not only can you find yourself winding along peaceful kilometers of single track, but if you are more daring, you can also finding yourself flying down rocky hills and ravines!

Whatever your fitness level or desire, cycling has something to offer you.

Here are some tips for bicycling for health:

Consult with your doctor beforehand – Always consult with your doctor before you start bike riding, and especially when you are about to change your biking habits (increase your rate of physical activity).
Warm up your body – It is always a good practice to stretch thoroughly before and after each bike ride. This is very helpful in preventing injury
Take care of your heart – Even if you are an experienced biker, it is a good practice to begin your ride with an easy speed over even ground. As your biking skills improve, you can choose more challenging terrain & biking speeds
Change your bicycle handlebars holding the position – Change your holdings, and shake your hands downward frequently to get the blood flowing and to prevent pain or numbness in your arms and hands
Change your seating position – Long ridings are quite demanding on a small saddle. It can cause pain, and increase (in rare cases) the risk of impotence. Purchase a comfortable saddle that fits properly
Periodic rests – Get off your bicycle and walk around every 30 minutes or so to get the blood flow to important unmentionable parts of your body
Be gentle with your joints – Bicycling is relatively kind to your joints but still demanding. Be gentle especially with your knees. Stop riding when there is a pain. It may be that your seat is too low
Cooldown – After biking stop for a moment, get off your bike, and stretch again. Be sure to drink waterThese bicycling for health tips will help you stay a healthy biker for years to come

With clipless pedal, you produce a small amount of uplifting at the back of the stroke, but this is not the crux of cycling power or efficacy. Deciding on the proper gear to fit your effort level and the terrain will probably come with expertise. Spin too fast and your legs will move little more than the air around them. However, push too hard a gear along with your knees require a good deal of strain plus you may tire easily.

Gears on most triathlon bikes are 12-25 on the rear cassette and 39/53 or even 30/40/52 on the front chainrings. The bigger the rear sprocket size, the easier the gear becomes. On the front chainrings that the’large ring’ as you travel further a revolution, so small front-big rear is an effortless gear for the steep mountain, a huge front-small back combination provides you large equipment for downhill or tail-wind scenarios. Vary your gears to find out what feels best and what’s clearly the wrong equipment – if you are able, ride more seasoned riders around to watch and listen to their own gear options and changing routines.


The amount of revolutions your feet rotate per minute is known as your cadence. The optimal amount is about 80-100, depending upon your muscle size, the terrain and what equipment you choose. Riding with more experienced riders lets you view their cadence and assists set a rhythm which you can follow. A bicycle computer showing cadence can allow you to concentrate on your pedal actions – this is better than speed, which can be quite a slow uphill even with a high work.


If you slow too much, you need to reaccelerate brake too hard and you’ll be able to skid off. On sharp corners, then get your internal pedal up and press on the outer foot to the pedal in its lowest stage. Looking where you want to go and lowering the body makes directing the bicycle easier. On minor bends, you might be able to pedal through them.

Top Suggestion

Practicing your bike skills is as important as building your own fitness regimen center. Like a pilot, you will need to log several hours before you can feel fully confident to restrain your system. Ride your bike often and enjoy learning to become a cyclist.

If you are a bike adventurer now you can go across continents with your bike. No matter”adventure on a bike” means to you, some individuals have the routes prepared for the delight you need. Google”adventure cycle touring” and you can learn all you want about experience cycle traveling, from sites which offer it. They can help you out with any bike related issues you have, suggest the kind of bicycle which can best deliver your expectations from experience cycle touring.

You will also have to understand what components to equip your bike and yourself with, and significant things that you need to remember about camping trips. Of course, safety and health precautions can’t be made out. Naturally, you will also get information about the travel papers needed in your country of destination.

You will find adventure cycle excursions to Central Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Cuba and throughout the United States. You may register for self-contained adventure cycle tours where food is taken from the sign-up fee together with your camping charges and first aid. Likewise, you could avail yourself of supported experience cycle tours wherein the price that you pay when you register will defray your catered food and rest stops, camping expenses, and shower. Luggage vehicles, mechanical vehicles, and sag support won’t be far behind. Finally, you will find educational experience cycle tours that are designed for newcomer cycle-tourists. You will be receiving some days of biking classes followed by the practical application of what you learned, on the road. They’ll teach you biking methods for long distance travel and how to select self-contained excursions.

If you aren’t a professional biker but want to go adventure-cycling across continents and states all of the ways across the planet, the perfect way to start learning is by registering for an educational tour with such a web site. They’ll get you started on all of the info you will need to tour over long distances. Then they’re going to supervise you as you apply everything you heard. People who understand something about bicycle touring but haven’t tried to do a long, self-contained trip can register to get a supported tour. In supported tours, you will have first and mechanical aid backing as well as catered meals.

However, if you are really out to prove yourself in an adventure, sign up to get a self-contained group tour. You’ll be carrying out your food and cooking equipment in your luggage and making your own meals while camping outside beneath a lovely night sky.

On the better end, some websites provide membership. Becoming a member will let you avail of considerable discounts on several services and items while on your biking experience.

Bike Touring provides an exceptional way for individual adventure travelers to find new places, meet new people, and confront new personal challenges anywhere in the world. There’s absolutely no feeling on earth like barreling down a tall mountain keeping pace with the visitors while the world around you turns into a blue and the wind becomes loudly. Bike touring is definitely not for everyone, here is a fast look at a few of the benefits and challenges of visiting the world on two wheels on your power.

PROS: Why bicycle touring is the best way to see the world

Bikes cause you to relatable and eloquent: Just about everyone everywhere on earth has had or now has a bike. Much more universal than cars or busses, everyone remembers the feeling of liberty they felt the first time they rode with no training wheels, the magic of an expanded universe their first bicycle offered them. On a bike tour, you can expect to be greeted with wonder and joy by complete strangers every single day of your journey. People are going to want to know where you are going, where you’re, just how much the bike weighs, and more. And behind every query, you will discover a combination of admiration and disbelief in addition to the nagging occasionally unspoken thought -“I wonder if I could do this” More than anything else, traveling to a bike is a fantastic way to meet people.

On my travels, I have had lunch with bikers, truckers, farmers, and scientists all attracted to me from the website of my loaded touring bike outside a diner and my helmet sitting on the table. If you like meeting people, bike touring is the best way to determine and meet the entire world around you.

Traveling by bicycle is quite cheap: there’s a joke among touring cyclists that people make poor candidates for would be thieves since everyone”knows” no one with any money whatsoever would willingly ride a bike that way. It’s mostly true also. If you travel by bike you save on rentals, gas, parking, insurance, maintenance and a host of additional fees the car tourists need to pay. As a result of low price hike/bike campsites, and touring cyclist networks, even home costs are less costly compared to people who travel by automobile. For anybody traveling on a budget, a bike is the cheapest and best way to go around.

On a bike excursion, you are able to go where cars can’t: Bicycle travel is growing more and more accessible every year. Many cities and nations in Europe are particularly well suited to bike travel, and even in the car-centric US, several long distance bike trails, and bike-friendly routes have been developed. The”Rails to Trails Conservancy” in particular works to convert older unused train and canal grades into multi-use paths ideal for biking. Two of the best are the Katy trail in Missouri and also the GAP/C&O route that runs 350 car-free miles out of Pittsburgh all the way into downtown Washington DC

You may go slower and find out: In a world where cars are too quick, and walking is too slow, Bicycle travel moves in just the right place. Seeing the planet in 10mph gives you time to observe the little items that get lost in the blur from inside a vehicle. You can view more, odor more (maybe not always a fantastic thing) and hear much more than you’d otherwise, and when you happen upon something quite cool – like a lot of Elk standing in a field – you can just roll off the side of the street, stop and watch them for some time. Nearly everyone wants to slow down and appreciate life a little more – on a bike you can.

You might even get in shape: Probably the most obvious component of cycling is general fitness. On a tour you will ride anywhere from 40-60 mph – maybe, even more, when you get in the groove – and even when you’re not riding you’ll spend more time walking from place to place. You sleep better get more fresh air and burn off hundreds of calories supplying you with guilt-free dishes at the close of every single day.

Yep, bicycle touring is a hell of a fantastic way to see the world. Before you begin packing your panniers though, there are a few disadvantages to traveling by bike, be sure to consider it over and determine if bicycle touring is right for you, here are a few of the drawbacks.

CONS: Why bike touring sucks.

You may cover less ground daily: If you’re in a rush, or the kind who feels that the ideal travel is one which crams the maximum sightseeing into daily, bicycle touring will not be for you. When some cyclists do put in rather large mileage times, for most, the delight of watching and riding the world in a leisurely pace is what bike traveling is all about.

You might don’t: Especially for people on brief excursions, you’ll most likely take in fewer”touristy” things. If you are already in great biking shape, exhaustion will be less of a variable on all but the windiest or hilliest of days, but because the purpose of a bicycle tour would be to ride a bicycle, overall you will have less time to spend ‘normal’ tourist activities.

Security will likely be a concern: motorcycle theft is a fact when everything you require for your excursion is on the back of your bike you’re much more vulnerable to thieves. Theft gets less of a problem in rural areas than in cities, as well as in towns a heavy, fully loaded touring bicycle is not a fantastic opportunity for would-be thieves, a lot of whom are searching for an easy quick grab and move targets. Fantastic locks and mismatched equipment are excellent theft deterrents, but when everything you need to get through the day is strapped into a bike, some part of your brain will always be thinking if it’s secure whenever it’s from sight.

Not anywhere is put up for bicycle travel: While the streets in the US are getting more bike friendly, and paths and bicycle routes abound, this is still the land of the vehicle. In rural areas there may be long distances between cities and in the city traffic congestion and annoyed or careless drivers may make cycling a struggle, to say the least.

Bike touring is harder than motorized traveling: On a bicycle, everything has a possible impact on your day, sudden storms, mountains, street closures, and wind can all change your plans in an instant, and flaws that may affect car travel plans by one hour or two may cost you a day in extra riding. Many seasoned cyclists learn to simply’roll with it’ knowing that the unexpected is a part of the joy of a journey, but if you have limited time to your journey, a long detour, foul weather, or busted gear could dramatically change your plans or even end the trip prematurely.