The COVID 19 pandemic situation made most of stay at home and spending time loving ones. Sometimes you might loss your job and other income sources as well but do you know COVID teach us few lessons.

  • People have enough time to think about again health.
  • If you did not spend much time with your love’s ones…God has given the opportunity to spend the time with them.
  • Think alternative income sources.
  • Unleashed talents.

In this article focused on about the improve the health conditions and save the certain amount of lost income. Recently many researchers have done survey of income spending and they reveal age over 45 – 60 professions spending 20 – 25 % income spending medicines but during the lockdown period hospitals OPD income goes down 60% and Sri Lanka Colombo hospital doctors made an own research reason behind of reducing the OPD income. Then they realized most of people spend the time exercise and some workouts. As result of this people immunity level increased and then may help to prevent future and present diseases.

Take this COVID 19 as positively and it might sometimes think about again our health conditions. Sometimes we might cannot take this control certain period of time until find the vaccine but keep the trust yourself and improve the own immunity. Keep jogging or do some workouts and have a healthful life…!

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