Frequently Asked Questions from Bike Tours


Cycle / Cycle Parts

You can fix cameras and own GPS devises and if you have idea about installation it would be really great or you can get the support from our supporting crew.

We provide a detailed packing list that includes all you need but not too much. Bike Tours in Sri Lanka recommends summer cycling jerseys (short leaves) bike shorts and own gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and personal energy supplements (if you are using during the ride).

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka are highly recommending “Hybrid – All Terrain” bike which has front shocks because it is completely matching with Sri Lanka road conditions. Because most of our cycling routes based in countryside roads such as gravel, mini off roads, broken tar roads. So you might not able ride more comfortably in road bikes. However we can offer Mountain cross country type bikes, road bikes or if you have any specific cycling model and if you can let us know in advance we are can provide.

Cycling guide/ supporting crew of Bike Tours in Sri Lanka has knowledge about fix and repair the cycles during the tour and if your cycle get breakdown for a while you do not need to stop the riding and there are some back up cycles and you can ride it until fix the cycle.

We are carryout spare parts and cycles so then and there we can repair your cycle and you can enjoy the ride.

You should ride whichever bike you are most comfortable on and which you normally ride. We find that a trip like this is no time to try out a completely new bike (unless you are at home on both a racing bike and a hybrid bike, in which case it doesn’t matter).

We are providing standard saddle but if you have any customize saddle you can bring it and able to fix to your cycle. 

Not necessary! We can offer perfectly matching cycle for you according to your height. But if you have any customize requirements such as model, accessories and components or if you are too height or too short, then we are recommending to bring your own the cycle to here. Bike Tours in Sri Lanka can support for you installation about your cycle.

Yes! We can reduce certain amount if you are using own bike.


Tour Guide / Tour

We, at Bike Tours in Sri Lanka are recommending hotels based on our own clients feedback and  comfortable tourist-class hotels. According to your budget and affordability we can offer from “A” Grade Guest house to star class hotels.

We have two various categories cycling holidays in Sri Lanka. Guided Cycling Tours and Self-Guided Cycling Tours. If you are going to book Guided Cycling Tour Package there will be friendly, professional English/ German/ Italian/ Arabic/ French languages speaking cycling guide. While you riding he may share history, cultural things, folktales (about history and ancient kings – you may not hear any information sources) and he will make sure to keep you happy and entertain you.

We have a tag-along available upon request. We do expect children to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. 

There are listed many experience guides in our website (refer our cycling guide list link here) and you can select convenient guide his skills (language, experience and age). If he available during the period we will allocate him / her for you.

We are organizing cycling holidays since 2009 and so far we never heard such complaint any of our clients. We are recruiting well discipline cycling riders and who registered “Sri Lanka Cycling Association” as a member and who has taken permission do the cycling in Sri Lanka in national level competitions.

We never allow to fresh employee / rider handle guide straightaway or as soon as join with our company. Basically there will be minimum 3 months training period for him /her for fresh cycling guides and he has to train under one of our experienced and professional guide. We will allow only who qualified cycling guides in the training.

If you are not comfortable enough to ride with male guide you can request female cycling guide for your tour. We will assure all our guides are well trained and permanent cycling guides in the company.

Most of our cycling holiday tours are private and customized. At the beginning when we are starting communication we will clearly mention what kind of tour and we do not add anybody to your private tour without your permission.

There will be fixed group tour every month and you can check the starting and ending dates, kind of cycling holiday programme with one of our expert holiday advisor. Usually group size would be 5 – 12 people and it might be exceed the number of participants.

Usually we are allocating our guides for 6 people one expert cycling guide (6:1) when the number of participants increasing we will increase support team members according to number of participants. Because we are highly concern client safety and offer amazing experience about cycling holiday in Sri Lanka and participants should carryout good impression about our service around the world.

Before start the tour Bike Tours in Sri Lanka will forward other participants correspondence details such as contact number, email address and social media links (such as Facebook). We wanted allow you to find out about participants background, create a friendship among them, ensure right fit participants in the group.

1st day before start the tour we will do the brief about all participants about “Group Discipline” such as not to talk about tropics such as racialism, political or any discrimination conversations, behave in the group and obey to our guides. So all these things help us to offer exciting cycling holiday for all of you.

No matter your age or riding skills! Us at Bike Tours in Sri Lanka will categories your riding level and according to that we will arrange the Cycling guide and entire group will ride together and if you get tired you can get into passenger vehicle anytime and you can continue the journey by vehicle.

Here at Bike Tours in Sri Lanka, We design all of our bicycle tours to use quiet, moderated roads and we will skip busy towns and cities as much as possible.