About Us

About Us

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka is a subsidiary company of My Ceylon Adventures and “Bike Tours in Sri Lanka” is a specialized brand for cycling tours in Sri Lanka. Bike Tours in Sri Lanka is a group of cycling professionals which was formed and most of the members are national level cyclists and passionate about this sport and keen to show off the beauty of Sri Lanka to our valued customers.

We are 20 members team and includes 10 full time Cycling Guides. Every cycling guide has qualified basic First Aids and done over 100,000 cycling miles in their career.  All members of the team have some short of passion for cycling and excels in customer service. We strongly believe that the passion of every member of the team drives the success of “Bike Tours in Sri Lanka”.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka have developed cycle trails by inspecting many routes in particular geographical areas. When we develop cycle trails, we consider the traffic conditions and sceneries. Then subsequent to connecting with communities and adding value such as local house visits, authentic local experiences and Sri Lankan foods to the cycling tours,  our Team is able to offer a complete cycle tour blending in with local experiences.

My Ceylon Adventures has always connected with the local community and we always get involved with the locals during cycling tours. We offer countryside people opportunities to work with us and earn some sort of an income by providing various services to our valued customers. As a part of a Sustainable Business, we spend over 5% of the income we earn in developing rural schools and sports skills of children in under developed areas.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka always looks forward to offering you everlasting memories through every peddle during your cycling holiday in Sri Lanka.

Our Team

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka

Mahinda Palitha

Designation: Anuradhapura Cycling Tours Guide
Skills: Certified Tourist Guide for Anuradhapura

About Palitha

Palitha is a well-experienced guide in Bike Tours in Sri Lanka. He is specialized in Anuradhapura ruin city guiding. Palitha was born in Anuradhapura and he has experience for over 10 years. So far he has done over 500 cycling tours in Anuradhapura ruin city while being on Sri Lanka cycle tours.

In his Guiding career, his biggest milestone is a cycling ride with Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Tony Blair. 

W.A. Malith Chamikara

Designation: Cycling Tours Guide – Excursion.
Skills: Good Technical skills

About Malith

Malith is the youngest member of Bike Tours in Sri Lanka. He started his career with My Ceylon Adventures after the high school. He is a good energetic person and a multi-skilled person. Most of the short Sri Lanka cycle tours are handled by Malith and he has completed the basic First Aid training and Cycling Technical training course 1 with our Senior Guide Gamini.

His ambition is to become a Racing Bike rider.

Frady Anthony

Designation: Senior Cycling Tours Guide and Guiding Trainer.
Skills: High profiled Cycling Technician

About Frady

Most of the people used to call him Anthony. He was born in Negombo. Anthony is a professional cyclist in bike tours in Sri Lanka and Anthony started his career in 2012 as a cycling guide in Sri Lanka cycle tours.  Anthony is a very quiet person and he can do any kind of cycle repair within a few minutes.

So far he has won a few championships. His best achievement is Sri Lanka Master Open Race 2nd Place.  His colleagues used to call him “Mr.Selfie”. He is able to make videos and do photography. He can ride even with one hand like in a Circus. 

Shehan Fernando

Designation: Cycling Tours Guide
Skills: Electronic devices.

About Shehan

Shehan is a good MTB rider in Bike Tours in Sri Lanka and he has participated in many MTB off-road events. So far he has never won any championships but he still keeps practicing. Shehan has a good determination skill.

Shehan was born in Negombo and he is a well entertaining person.

Gamini Rathnasena

Designation: Cycling Tours Guide
Skills: Good knowledge as a Cycling Technician.

  • Air Force inter Department Champion
  • Katunayake Air Force Cycling Team member
  • CARLTON SUPER SPORTS – Masterclass Champion 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • National Water Polo championship – 2007
About Gamini

Gamini was born in Tangalle (Southern Province) and since his childhood, he is delicately involved with sports activities. Gamini is the best swimmer in Bike Tours in Sri Lanka and his colleagues call him “Gama”.

Gama is good, and a  caring person in the team and he is able to do any kind of mechanical work in a Cycle.

Asok Perera

Designation: Cycling Tours Guide
Skills: Fluent in Italian language and Cycle Technician.

About Asok

Asok was born in Negombo (Little Rome) and since the age of 10 years, he started his career as a cyclist. So far, Asok has won a few Sri Lanka cycle tours and the most recent victory was North Central Province Maters race (age of over 40).

He lived and worked for 19 years in Italy and while he was a countryside rider in Italy, Asok was able to speak the Italian language fluently. At the moment he is the only cycling rider in Sri Lanka who can speak the Italian language.

Asok is a really entertaining rider and he used to share all kinds of fun stories with cycling clients of Bike Tours in Sri Lanka and keep all of them smiling.

Micheal Anthony

Designation: Cycling Tours Guide
Skills: Adventure Guide

About Micheal

Micheal is a religious person and has a hobby in fishing. Micheal is the funniest guy in Bike Tours in Sri Lanka and all of them loves him when he makes humor during the actions. He has a good talent to keep the riders attraction on the ride and maintain a good people integration during the ride. He joined with My Ceylon Adventures on 1st of February 2013. So far he has handled 3 Sri Lanka Cycle Tours around the country and more than 25 Cycling Excursions in Kandy and Negombo. Micheal is full time-based in Kandy.

Anura Kumarashinhe

Designation: Cycling Tours Consultant and Team Trainer
Skills: High profiled Cycling Technician and national level cycling instructor.
Milestones: Former Air Force Cycling trainer at Katunayake Air Force base ( 2000 – 2005)

About Anura

He is a retired Sri Lanka Air Force officer who couldn’t give up his passion for cycling. Every day he gets up at 5.00 a.m and starts cycling for about 60 Km.  He gladly shares his knowledge & experience on Sri Lanka cycle tours with fellow cyclists in his home area and with his fellow cyclists in Bike Tours in Sri Lanka.  Anura is a very family oriented person who lives a very simple life.  His second favorite hobby is fishing but he has not caught any fish so far…..!

Presently he is working as a Cycling Consultant at My Ceylon Adventures.

A.K Ajith Shantha

Cycling Career: Presently Sri Lanka Army Women Team Trainer and National level Cycling started in 1990
Profession: Retired Lance Corporal of Electronic and Engineering Division – Sri Lanka Army.
Skills: High profiled Cycling Technician and national level cycling instructor.

  • 1st place Sri Lanka open race – 1993
  • SAARC games group champion – 1999
  • 1st place National Championship – 2003
International Experiences
  • Tour of Thailand – 1997
  • 32 place of Croatia Time Trial – 1999
  • Represented Tour De France and injured
  • Training programmes Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, and France
About Ajith

So far Ajith has won over 200 domestic level races and he is training Sri Lanka Army women’s team. Ajith works as a Senior Trainer in My Ceylon Adventures and Product Development Team. He is a mission-oriented person and in his free time, he goes fishing with his friends.

Presently he is working as a Cycling Consultant at My Ceylon Adventures.