Let’s turn up COVID 19 positively

The COVID 19 pandemic made long vacation to all of us and no matter which region in the world but COVID 19 pandemic made a whole world health and economic crisis. Many of us loss the income sources and unfortunately some of us hospitalized and left this beautiful world.

WHO says doing in regular exercise helps to prevent the COVID 19 and we are personally recommending individual activities, without gathering group of people. Hence cycling is the best activity to do the people and avoiding the close contacts.

If you are lockdown at home this is the best period extend the relationship with family and think about the physical fitness of you. I do not think, we will get like this long vacations again, hence if we invest lockdown period improve the physical fitness, then that may helps to stay away from the COVID 19 and other health issues as well.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka started “COVID 19 Losers” programme with 15 employment lost people. When they were start cycling with us body weight over 110 Kg, addicted to alcohol and some of them getting psychology consultations due to losing jobs and psychology stress. Those participants continuously cycle along individually according to we have given schedules and it is pleasure to announce all of them lost 25 – 30 Kg and saved psychology consultation fee. Most of them extended family relationship again. Most beautiful thing is all of them turn up good health life style.

So our valued cycling riders invest this lockdown period and improve the health conditions. One day COVID 19 will be ended but if you did not continue or follow good health guidelines for sure you will suffer many health diseases. However, if you manage the time and motivated to doing regular exercise… keep good health and better life…!

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