Good Cycle Riding Techniques – For Triathletes and Triathlons

With clipless pedal, you produce a small amount of uplifting at the back of the stroke, but this is not the crux of cycling power or efficacy. Deciding on the proper gear to fit your effort level and the terrain will probably come with expertise. Spin too fast and your legs will move little more than the air around them. However, push too hard a gear along with your knees require a good deal of strain plus you may tire easily.

Gears on most triathlon bikes are 12-25 on the rear cassette and 39/53 or even 30/40/52 on the front chainrings. The bigger the rear sprocket size, the easier the gear becomes. On the front chainrings that the’large ring’ as you travel further a revolution, so small front-big rear is an effortless gear for the steep mountain, a huge front-small back combination provides you large equipment for downhill or tail-wind scenarios. Vary your gears to find out what feels best and what’s clearly the wrong equipment – if you are able, ride more seasoned riders around to watch and listen to their own gear options and changing routines.


The amount of revolutions your feet rotate per minute is known as your cadence. The optimal amount is about 80-100, depending upon your muscle size, the terrain and what equipment you choose. Riding with more experienced riders lets you view their cadence and assists set a rhythm which you can follow. A bicycle computer showing cadence can allow you to concentrate on your pedal actions – this is better than speed, which can be quite a slow uphill even with a high work.


If you slow too much, you need to reaccelerate brake too hard and you’ll be able to skid off. On sharp corners, then get your internal pedal up and press on the outer foot to the pedal in its lowest stage. Looking where you want to go and lowering the body makes directing the bicycle easier. On minor bends, you might be able to pedal through them.

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Practicing your bike skills is as important as building your own fitness regimen center. Like a pilot, you will need to log several hours before you can feel fully confident to restrain your system. Ride your bike often and enjoy learning to become a cyclist.

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