Cycling in Bentota Countryside explores about how the Bentota countryside away from the coast. Bentota cycle tour based in Kanda Viharaya village area. You will cycle through the greenish Rubber plantations and paddy fields, Bentota cycle tour in soft and flat terrain. You will visit to Kanda Viharaya Buddhist temple and explore biggest Buddha statue in Southern Coast and experience Buddhism connected with local community.

Then after continue the Bentota cycle tour to countryside and experience toddy making people and beauty of the countryside. You will experience countryside of Sri Lanka cultures, customs, people living style and language is differing province to province. Cycling in Bentota is not just paddling ride, it is a great experience of Sri Lanka culture and people.

Details of the Bentota Cycling Tour.

  • Starting Time 8.30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Visit to Kanda Viharaya Buddhist Temple
  • Palm Toddy collection point and Experience local alcohol basic process
  • Cinnamon garden
  • Paddy fields.
  • Rubber plantations and nature
  • Bentota modern fishing village
Number of Pax 1 pax 2 pax 3 – 4 pax 5 – 7 Pax 8 -10 Pax
USD $ Per Person $ 140 $ 75 $ 60 $ 50 $ 40

Cost Inclusions

  • Cycles and support service.
  • Cycling guide and his fee.
  • Unlimited water.

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