Epic Hiking and Trekking in Kandy (Alagalla Mountain)


Allagala trekking with Bike Tours in Sri Lanka in Kandy is one of beautiful and adventurous trekking programme and it is second to Corbert’s Gap Trek in Kandy.  The Kandy Allagala mountain is isolating mountain in Kandy and it is located border in 2 towns (Potha Pitiya and Kadugannawa) once you reach to top of Allagala you can see Kandy, Mawennalla and Kadugannawa cities and it is an amazing experience and picturesque scenery.  Allagala Mountain has rich bio-diversity and located at 22 Km away from the Kandy and the closest town is “Pothapitiya”

Most of the day half of mountain covered by mist and its hide beauty of the mountain… impulse you to explore it…! When you are top of the mountain you can see the Kandy city….!

 About Alagalla Trekking Programme

  • Report to Pothapitiya Town
  • Trekking to Allagala Mountain

So after all it is pure rock climbing, If the rock is wet it nearly impossible to get to the summit point. After creeping through the rocks I was at last on top of the world. There are leaches on the route and you can explore endemic flora, Birds, snakes, scorpions and beetles.

Number of Pax 1 pax 2 – 3 pax 4 – 6  pax 7 – 10 pax 11 – 15 pax
Rate  Per Person in US$ $ 65 $ 35 $ 30 $ 25 $ 20

Note: Allagala Trekking in Kandy is a highly sensitive trail to weather conditions and Allagala Trekking in Kandy operates subject to weather conditions.


  • Tuk Tuk Ride (Transport)
  • Professional English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fee.
  • Bottle of water and snacks
  • Leaches shocks and anti-leaches liquid
  • Insurance cover for injuries up to USD $ 2000 per person
Epic Hiking and Trekking in Kandy (Alagalla Mountain) | Bike Tours in Sri Lanka
Epic Hiking and Trekking in Kandy (Alagalla Mountain) | Bike Tours in Sri Lanka

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