Cycling in Polonnaruwa Countryside  (3 – 4 Hrs / 30 – 35 Km)


Polonnaruwa village cycle tour based in Polonnaruwa West countryside of Kalahagala village. Kalahagala village is not just farmers living countryside in Polonnaruwa. Kalahagala village highly important military strategic point for the king and King Great Parakramabahu develop this village as part of developing his great water tank in Polonnaruwa Parakrama Samudraya.

Polonnaruwa countryside cycle tour exploring about the People living style, valuating the strategic value for the Polonnaruwa kingdom, during the Polonnaruwa Countryside cycle tour you will visit to farmer’s house and experience the traditional hospitality and tea or fresh coconut drink. During the Polonnaruwa countryside cycle tour you will experience paddy cultivation and you might can experience with local farmers (if farmers working in paddy fields during the cycle tour) sharing the experience with paddy farmers is valuable experience because they used to follow many social and spiritual customs brought it from generation to generation over 2000 years.

Kalahagala is the village you can experience ancient era self-sufficiency of the countryside. you will ride local fishermen living area and you will explore local inland fishing boat, methods and local fishermen living style. You might able to do the mini canoeing ride with local fishermen. If you are lucky enough might spot wild elephants and swimming wild elephants in the water tank and especially you have more possibilities spot wild elephants in the evening.

You may not feel you had just a cycle tour! Polonnaruwa Countryside cycle tour blends with customs, local experiences, and scenic landscapes in Polonnaruwa Countryside.

Polonnaruwa Countryside Cycle Tour Operation Details

  • Starting point is “Polonnaruwa Heritage Museum Entrance”
  • Starting time 8 a.m – 2 p.m
  • Distance 30 Km and duration 4 Hrs
  • Soft and Flat terrain
  • Cycle in Polonnaruwa Countryside
Number of Pax 1 pax 2 pax 3 – 4  pax 5 – 7 pax 8 – 10 pax
Rate  Per Person in US$ $ 70 $ 60 $ 50 $ 45 $ 40

Cost Inclusions

  • Cycles and support service
  • Cycling guide and his fee
  • Unlimited water
  • Local experiences
Cycling in Polonnaruwa Countryside | Bike Tours in Sri Lanka
Cycling in Polonnaruwa Countryside | Bike Tours in Sri Lanka

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