Cycle Tours in Polonnaruwa is the best way to explore about the 2nd Kingdom of the Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa cycle tours based in exploring the historical heritage and countryside of the Polonnaruwa. After the South Indian King Raja Raja Chola invasion of Anuradhapura. Then 10th Century 1055 Vijayabahu – I develop Polonnaruwa as the 2nd Kingdom. 20 kings ruled the Polonnaruwa about 196 years as 2nd Kingdom. King Maha Parakramabahu is the greatest leader in Polonnaruwa kingdom and he made remarkable service for the Irrigation system and Paddy cultivation. Still key source of the income of Polonnaruwa is paddy agriculture. Polonnaruwa is the highest rice manufacturing district in Sri Lanka.

There are 3 cycle tours in Polonnaruwa and each cycle tour has unique experience. Polonnaruwa located in North Central part of the Country. Polonnaruwa Historical Site cycle tour is about the exploring ruin city history and culture of the 2nd Kingdom. Polonnaruwa Village cycle tour is exploring about the countryside and way of people living. Polonnaruwa to Sigiriya Cycling tour is exploring countryside, irrigation system and nature.

Polonnaruwa cycle tours blend with local culture, Sri Lankan cuisines and beautiful landscapes. So, you will never feel just a cycle tour in Polonnaruwa.

Polonnaruwa located 197 Km away from the Colombo Airport (approx. drive 4 – 5 hrs.)

From Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa 57 Km (approx. drive 1 hr.)

Day time temperature 33°C – 36°C


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