Cycling in Kandy is wonderful experience and exploring about the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. There are different variety of cycle tours in Kandy and Kandy cycle tours based in above the 530 meters sea leave. Cycling in Kandy exploring the beautiful landscapes, stunning tea planation landscapes and culture of Kandy.

Kandy is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka and British captured Kandy kingdom 1815. After the battle with “King Sri Wickrama Rajasine”. The after British planters develop many mountains and planted Tea. Kandy temperature perfectly match with Spices, Coffee and tea plantations and still major income sources in Kandy Tea and Spices.

Kandy cycle tours is based in more scenic, adventurous, exploring local cultures and blends with local experiences. Most of travelers highly demanding Kandy cycle tours is because of scenic and challenging cycle tours.

Kandy located 120 Km away from Colombo (4 – 5 hours’ drive)

Airport: Kandy located 105 Km away from the Airport (4 hours’ drive)

Day time temperature 23°C – 26°C


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