Cycling in Galle is simply exploring ancient Sri Lanka economic hub and Colonial hesitance. Galle cycling tour is soft cycle tour and no matter of your cycling skill.

Galle district iconic landmark is Galle Dutch Fort and Galle Fort built by Portuguese in 1588. Portuguese part of the Galle Fort is Black fort and it came there was fire completely gun powder Wearhouse completely burned out east part of the fort. Presently Galle Police station located in Black fort.

Dutch sailors reach to Sri Lanka 1640 and then after invaded Gall Fort in 1649 by Dutch soldiers. Galle fort developed by Dutch soldiers in 1649. Most of travelers’ imagine Portuguese, Dutch and English invaded but reality is those colonials reached as Sri Lankan king invitation.
There are 14 Bastions and 3 Bastions are key bastions. Galle Dutch fort cycle tour exploring about the Colonial heritance. Ancient Sri Lanka there were 16 forts and 6 forts are major forts.

Galle Fort also one of key fort and major exports Cinnamons, other spicy, Ivory, Elephants and main trading products Horses and silks.

British arrived to Sri Lanka 1796 and English introduced Coffee in Southern coast 1830’s Presently Galle economy based in Fishery and Cinnamon.

Galle Dutch fort is the key place clearly identify the Dutch architecting in Sri Lanka.

Galle to Airport distance 152 Km and approx. duration 2 hrs. drive.
Yala to Galle distance 173 Km and approx. duration 3 hrs. drive.
Day time temperature 33°C – 36°C.


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