Cycling in Udawalwe is based in the Udawalawe countryside and Udawalawe is the highest elephant density in Sri Lanka. Udawalwe cycle tour explore about the beauty of the wilderness and beauty of the Sri Lanka countryside.

Udawalawe is the best national park spotting wild elephants in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe national park based in Rathnapura District.

Udawalawe National Park is next in popularity to Yala, and elephant could easily be observed even in midday. In addition, 39 species of mammals and 183species of birds have been recoded.

Udawalawe to Yala distance 88 Km and approx. duration of drive 90 minutes.
Udawalawe to Mirissa distance 95 Km and approx. duration of drive 2 hrs.
Udawalwe to Colombo Airport distance 254 Km and approx. duration of drive 5 – 6 hrs.

Day time temperature 30 °C – 33 °C.

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