267 × 368Cycling is Colombo city is bit wondering activity due to high residency city of Sri Lanka. There are few cycle tours in Colombo and exploring iconic places of Colombo city, explore beauty of the Colombo Countryside. Cycling in Colombo is best way explore about the Sri Lanka Capital.

Many sources Colombo published as commercial places of the world, night life, fancy restaurant, star class hotels, entertainment and city traffic but 10 – 12 Km away from the Colombo city still remaining as countryside.

Colombo became key commercial city during the Colonial era and Portuguese, Dutch and English develop as commercial city because of Colombo Harbour.
Colombo is multi-community city and metropolitan area has a population 5.6 million. British colonial era Colombo metropolitan divided 15 suburb cities for administrative purposes. Colombo Key economic hub are Colombo harbour and located in Colombo Fort and Colombo retail & wholesale (Bazaar) markets located Colombo Pettah (outer fort) 11.

Distance from Airport to Colombo city center 35 Km from the BIA Airport.
Day time Temperature 32 C – 36 C
Humidity 78%

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