Cycling tours in Yala is thrilling and adventurous experience. Cycling in Yala is exploring wilderness and beauty of the countryside. There are two cycle tours in Yala and both cycle tours in Yala has unique experiences.

Yala national park located in down Southern part of the Sri Lanka and bordering to Indian Ocean. Yala is the second largest national park and highest Leopard density available national park in the world. Yala is not just a national park and ancient time, it is one of the key harbour and fishing point. still seasonal activities taking place. Yala National Park contain 5 blocks and Yala national park has varieties of animals and comfortably people can spot the animals than any other national parks. There are 215 bird’s species recorded and 6 birds’ species are endemic to Yala National Park. 44 mammal animals living yala National Park and most of visitors’ key reason to visit Yala National park is spot the Leopard.

Ella to Yala distance 110 Km and approx. drive 3 hrs.
Yala to Galle distance 190 Km and approx. drive 4 hrs.
Yala to Colombo Airport distance 315 Km and 5 hrs. drive.

Day Time Temperature 33°C – 36°C.


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