Mixing Fashion Trends: Tips For Your Adventurous -Hearted

On Day 136 of my no-shopping-diet challenge, I decided to take a risk by blending trends. I believe it a risk, because it really is, because sometimes, it may become somewhat much and you end up”not hot” but a”hot mess” instead.

There’s a bit of theory supporting the science of mixing though. . .at least that is the way I view it. I do not claim to be a style guru but just see if my theories work for you also. Who knows, you might be doing them … and feel free to add to these ones!

Thus, for those of you on the verge of breaking out of their fashion cubes, here are a few practical hints in mixing tendencies if that is how you wish to go.

  1. Pick one fashion as the centerpiece. For me personally, it was a pleated multipurpose skirt. Electric pleating found its heydays in the 80’s if I recall correctly but we watched a lot of it this season on the runways and at shops. So, I picked one of my electrical pleated skirts because my base and since it was colorful enough, and come to think of it, too representing the”color-blocking” trend we had this year, I could practically fit it with whatever.
  2. Learn your colour wheel by heart. That is the ABC’s of fashion. Learn your colour wheel well and it’ll serve you in all your style choices. Your primary’s and secondary, and those in-between colors with delectable titles like melon orange or salmon pink… you can mix and match your clothes by simply enjoying the colors of your color wheel.
  3. Sometimes print on print functions, sometimes it doesn’t. That one you need to experiment with. When going for print on print though, also make it look simple and not too busy, it helps to have, different prints and within precisely the exact same color palette or if you have to do contrasting colours, then have various prints but of the same or within the same size-range.
  4. Go for impartial colors even as you perform up with texture. Since you’re already playing up one or two trends, neutral colors will highlight and not divert from your appearance. By way of example, a belt having a weave design in a neutral beige colour will be perfect for a around colorful outfit or a scarf in a deep grey or chocolate brown color might go down really well with a print onto print outfit using contrasting colours.
  5. Last but not the least, of course you are going to want to place the bling on. You desire a seamless look after all, not one that screams, “I could not decide what to wear so that I wore what”.

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