Exploring Anuradhapura Kingdom

(Four Days Tour)

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  • Type: Holiday Tour
  • Number of Days: 04 Days
  • Location: Anuradhapura, Wilpattu & Sigiriya
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Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom


Sri Lanka Cycling tour exploring about ancient Anuradhapura kingdom and its glorious culture, customs. Anuradhapura kingdom remained over 1400 years and ruled 126 kings. Sri Lanka Cycling tour exploring Anuradhapura kingdom and Sigiriya Lion rock in a relax way. Sigiriya Lion Rock also creation of the Anuradhapura kingdom. You will explore every iconic historical place in Sri Lanka cycling tour.

Ancient Sri Lanka history spreads over 2500 written history and folk tales history goes over 6000 years. Sri Lanka in strategic point in Indian ocean and many visitors, merchants visited all over the world. simply Sri Lanka culture blends with different cultures. So, Sri Lankan culture became more interesting and colourful to explore it.

Sri Lanka Cycling Tour in ancient kingdoms is a soft cycling tour based on 4 days exploring the ancient history, culture and customs of ancient Sri Lankan.

Day 01: you will pick up from Airport or pre- accommodated place in Colombo or Negombo, proceed to Wilpattu. you will cycle along the countryside and over the water tanks to Anuradhapura.

Day 02: you will explore the Anuradhapura ruin city and evening 4 WD safari in Wilpattu national park.

Day 03: you will cycle to Sigiriya along the Ritigala countryside. You will explore the beauty of the nature and ancient irrigation system.

Day 04: you will cycle around the Sigiriya countryside in relax way. you will explore the Sigiriya lion rock and its countryside. Sigiriya cycling tour blends with authentic local experience.

Sri Lanka ancient kingdoms exploring cycling tour is not just cycling between ancient cities. Sri Lanka's ancient kingdom exploring cycling tour blends with local cultures, wildlife and local cuisine.

Highlights of the Sri Lanka Cycling Tour in ancient kingdoms
  • Explore Culture and heritage of the ancient kingdoms.
  • Full day cycling tour in Anuradhapura ruin city.
  • 4 WD Safari in Wilpattu National Park
  • Explore ancient irrigation system and paddy fields.
  • Experience authentic people lived style in Sigiriya countryside.
  • Visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom


Day 01 Schedule

Airport / Negombo to Wilpattu Junction distance 158 Km and 3 – 4 hrs drive.
Wilpattu to Anuradhapura cycling distance 52 Km

  • Welcome you at the Airport / Negombo hotel and proceed to Wilpattu by Vehicle (4 hrs drive)
  • Cycling from Wilpattu to Anuradhapura, along the countryside, about 52 Km.
  • Evening relaxes at the hotel.
  • Overnight stay in Anuradhapura

Deluxe Package: Rajarata Hotel Anuradhapura – Standard (4*) or similar hotel.
Standard Package: Palm Garden Village – Standard Room (3*) or similar hotel.
Economy Package: Hotel Randiya – Standard Room (2*) or similar hotel


About 1ˢᵗ Day

You will meet, Bike Tours in Sri Lanka cycling crew at your hotel (8 a.m.) or Airport. After the briefing about the cycling tour, you will proceed to Wilpattu via Puttalam by vehicle. It is 3 hrs drive from Negombo and you will enjoy Sri Lankan lunch at Wilpattu junction before star the cycling tour to Anuradhapura. It is soft mixed terrain and approximate cycling distance of 50 Km.

You will cycle to Anuradhapura, along the wilpattu national boundaries and its countryside. While you are cycling to Anuradhapura 1st kingdom of Sri Lanka, you will experience the ancient irrigation system and reflecting with paddy cultivation.

It is a soft scenic cycling trail over the water tanks, you will explore beautiful sceneries in countryside and nature.

In the evening you will relax at the hotel and daytime temperature 34–36 C°.


Anuradhapura is the 1st kingdom and King Pandukhabaya was the first king of the Anuradhapura kingdom in 377 BC. Anuradhapura kingdom is the longest period ruled in Sri Lanka and 1st kingdom remains until 1017 A.D. there were 126 kings who ruled Anuradhapura kingdom over 1500 years.

Anuradhapura in Northcentral province of Sri Lanka and key income source agriculture.

Because of Kalinga Magha, the South Indian invasion Anuradhapura kingdom shift to Polonnaruwa as 2nd kingdom of Sri Lanka.

Day 02 Schedule

Anuradhapura ruin city cycling distance 20 Km – 25 Km (soft cycling tour)
Anuradhapura to Wilpattu distance 40 Km and 1 hr drive
Wilpattu National Park to Anuradhapura 40 Km and 1 hrs drive.

  • After the Breakfast you will cycle to Anuradhapura Ruin city (8 a.m.)
  • You will explore the iconic historical places with local expert.
  • Approximate cycling distance in Anuradhapura Ruin city 20 Km – 25 Km.
  • Cycling back to Sri Lankan restaurant for the lunch (1 p.m.)
  • After the lunch, and proceed to Wilpattu national park by vehicle (1 hr drive)
  • 3 p.m. 4 WD safari in Wilpattu national park with wildlife expert. (3 hrs safari)
  • 6.30 p.m. return to safari starting point and after the refreshment return to the hotel.
  • Overnight stay in Anuradhapura.

Deluxe Package: Rajarata Hotel Anuradhapura – Standard (4*) or similar hotel.
Standard Package: Palm Garden Village – Standard Room (3*) or similar hotel.
Economy Package: Hotel Randiya – Standard Room (2*) or similar hotel.


About 2ⁿᵈ Day

After the breakfast (8 a.m.) you will cycle to Anuradhapura ruin city exploration. You will cycle from hotel and you will explore all iconic historical places with local expert. It is soft flat cycling tour in Anuradhapura ruin city.

Anuradhapura ruin city cycle tour covers:

  • Ruwanweliseya Temple
  • Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi / Sri Maha Bodhi
  • Isurumuniya Temple
  • Jethawanarama Temple
  • Abhayagiri Temple
  • Moonstone
  • Samadhi Statue
  • Lovamahaphaya
  • Royal Palace
  • Kuttam Pokuna (stone Pond)

You will cycle in Anuradhapura ruin city until 12.30 p.m. and you will cycle to a local restaurant for the lunch. Day 2 cycling tour will be ended in after the lunch and you will proceed to Wilpattu national Park for evening safari. It is 1 hr drive from the Anuradhapura. Wilpattu evening safari is 3 hrs safari and starts at 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. you will do 4 WD safari in Wilpattu national park with local expert.

After the safari, you will refresh with a cup of tea or coffee, and around 6.30 p.m. you will return to the hotel by vehicle. It is 1 hr drive from Wilpattu national park to Anuradhapura.

Wilpattu National Park

Willpattu national park situated 35 Km away from Anuradhapura city and it is the closet national park to Anuradhapura ruin city. Wilpattu means literally natural ponds land. Wilpattu national park bordering to North-West coast and it is an ideal place to migrating birds. Wilpattu national park is 2nd best national park spot Leopards and sloth bear in Sri Lanka.

Day 03 Schedule

Anuradhapura to Mihinthale distance between 18 Km and 30-minute drive.
Mihinthale to Sigiriya cycling tour 72 Km and mixed soft cycling tour.

  • After Breakfast (7.30 a.m.) proceed to Mihinthale by vehicle (30 min drive).
  • Cycling from Mihinthale to Sigiriya (72 Km).
  • Ayurveda herbal massage
  • Evening relax at the hotel
  • Overnight stay in Sigiriya

Deluxe Package: Lake Lodge – Superior Room (Boutique Hotel)
Standard Package: Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka – Standard Room (4+*)
Economy Package: JKAB Beach Resort – Standard Room (2*)


About 3ʳᵈ Day

After the breakfast you will leave the hotel around 7.30 a.m. and proceed to Mihinthale by vehicle. It is a 30 minute drive and around 8.15 a.m. you will start the cycle to Sigiriya (Ritigala) along the countryside. Anuradhapura for Sigiriya cycling tour maximum distance of 72 km and. It is soft mixed terrain and you will cycle along the water tanks, greenish paddy fields. You will experience ancient water management and way of people living in rural countryside. In between the cycle tour, you will integrate with local paddy farmers and you will experience a way of paddy cultivation. It is scenic countryside cycling tour.

After the Anuradhapura to Sigiriya cycling tour, you will proceed to the hotel by vehicle and en route you will do body relaxing Ayurveda herbal massage at the local spa. Evening you will relax at the hotel.


Sigiriya lion rock is the high tourist attraction and approx. 80% of travelers visiting to Sigiriya as part of the holiday of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Lion Rock, built by King Kashyapa in 5th Century A.D. and King Kashyapa built the Sigiriya Lion Rock as highly secured place for him and protection of his own brother, king Moggallana. In 1998, Sigiriya Lion Rock nominated as the 8th wonder of the world because of masterpiece architecting skills.

Day 04 Schedule

Sigiriya countryside cycling tour 30 Km – 35 Km and mixed soft cycling tour.

  • Hot Air Ballooning in Sigiriya and experience Rock Fortress in birds eye. (5.30 a.m.)
  • After Breakfast cycling to Sigiriya Lion Rock along the Sigiriya countryside
  • Experience authentic Sri Lanka countryside.
  • Evening relaxes at the hotel.
  • Overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Deluxe Package: Lake Lodge – Superior Room (Boutique Hotel)
Standard Package: Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka – Standard Room (4+*)
Economy Package: Acme Grand Habarana Hotel – Standard Room (3*)


About 4ᵗʰ Day

Early morning (5.30 a.m.) if you like to explore the beauty of the Lion Rock in Bird view, then you can experience Hot Air ballooning in Sigiriya. It is a wonderful experience during your cycling holiday in Sri Lanka. After the Hot air ballooning you will return to the hotel around 8.30 a.m. for the breakfast.

After the breakfast you will cycle to 8th wonder of the world “Sigiriya Rock Fortress” and it is the iconic symbol of Sri Lanka tourism industry. You will explore the magnificent ancient architecture skills, ancient landscaping and Fresco painting. Top of the Sigiriya, you will explore the entire Sigiriya countryside in the 360-degree view and it is exquisite scenery.

After the Sigiriya lion rock visit continues the cycling tour, you will explore the authentic Sigiriya countryside and you will experience ancient countryside people's lived style authentically. It is an experiential tour in Sigiriya.

You will explore the beauty of the Sigiriya countryside by bulk cart and it was the traditional transport system in countryside. After the bulk cart tour, you will canoe to a local farmer’s house and farmer’s wife welcome you traditionally saying “Auybowan” and you will experience basic cooking demonstration while you are enjoying the typical Sri Lankan lunch.

After the lunch you will continue the Sigiriya countryside cycling tour.

Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom

Operations Schedule and Other Information

Travel Information
  • Sri Lanka is Buddhism country so when you bring dress / cloths should not print or paste Buddha’s images or pictures related to Buddhism.
  • Tips are not compulsory but if you wish to appreciate the service or support, you are feel free to pay any amount.
  • Full moon day alcoholic drinks may not serve in the hotels or public area. Star class hotels, min bar available in the room. Or you have purchase previous day and keep them in the vehicle or room.
  • If you want to exchange the money, highly advising exchange with the bank. They will apply up-to-date exchange rate which ordered by Central Bank.
  • When you are visiting temples and religious places, needs to cover the shoulders and knees. So keep a shoal use such places.
  • Do not remove or collect fauna or flora in the national parks or nature reserve without official permission.
  • If you do not comfortable with any 3rd party services such as accommodation, please highlight to us then and there. Inform to our guide.
  • We are highly recommending apply the visa prior to travel to Sri Lanka and it may help you avoid unexpected circumstance.
  • Online visa
Tour information
  • Private and Group guided cycling tour
  • Air-conditioned vehicle will be provided.
  • Recommending cross country Hybrid / Mountain Bikes according to terrain conditions.
  • MTB E-Bike available (upon request)
  • Hotel’s room category as mentioned on itinerary and if you need any upgrade rooms, pay an additional amount for room category upgrades.
  • If you need to extend the Holiday, please contact us. ([email protected])
Things are you should bring
  • Sri Lanka is a warm country and day time average temperature would be 33 C–36 C and relative humidity of 60–65%. Chances of sunburn are high with prolonged exposure, so carry plenty of sun-block and guard against sunstroke.
  • Light and Cotton clothes are recommended.
  • 3–4 cycling jerseys
  • If you expect to use clip shoes, then bring the own paddle. Because clips vary brand to brand.
  • Recommending waterproof backpack (10 L - 20 L) for carry the electronic devices.
Difficulty Level
  • Soft cycling Trail
Cancelation Policy
  • If you cancel the cycling holiday 45 days before the holiday starts, then there is no cancelation charge.
  • 5% of the total cost will be charged, if cancel or postpone 30 days before the holiday reservation is scheduled.
  • 30% of the total cost will be charged, if cancel or postpone 20 days before the holiday reservation is scheduled.
  • 50% of the total cost will be charged, if cancel or postpone 15 days before the holiday reservation is scheduled.
  • 100% of the total cost will be charged, If cancel or postpone less than 14 days before the holiday reservation is scheduled.

Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom


Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom


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Exploring the Anuradhapura Kingdom

Frequently Asking Questions and Answers

Most of Bike Tours in Sri Lanka operate as private guided tours but if you are looking group tour, then we cannot assure exactly fixed departing date. However, if get similar inquiry in that you planning to travel period, then we will co-ordination with prospective travelers.

Yes! we are flexible enough customized the cycling distance, activities that we suggested on the itinerary. Once you have finalized right itinerary, then please feel free to discuss with us for the fine-tune the itinerary as you wish.

We always looking to offer perfect cycling tour in Sri Lanka blends with unique experiences.

Yes, of course! There is no restriction ride schedule distance. You can stop wherever you need. We have mentioned 72 Km as cycling distance. If you looking long distance cycle ride and if you are fit enough, then you can do the entire course.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka suggested cycling trails are at least 90% in scenic back roads. That we suggested cycling trail developed in many inspections and most scenic cycling trail particular location. We will assure, none of cycling company in Sri Lanka may not offered such beautiful cycling trails better than us. We do not encourage to our valued customers cycling in busy towns or cities. Because we always concern the safety, cycling pleasure but if you are going to cycle from hotel to hotel, then ending or beginning part you need to cycle along the busy town or roads 5 Km–10 Km. sometimes that small stretch destroys the all-beautiful impressions about the entire cycling trail.

That’s why we are skipping busy towns and cities and we always looking rides you with beautiful cycling trail and ending with thousands of wonderful memories.

Yes, of course! That mentioned breaks in the contain indicate about breaks in between the cycle tour, but there is no restriction to take a break or take pictures while you are cycling. We want to keep you relax and add memories of your Sri Lanka holiday. So, you are feeling free to take the pictures as a souvenir and we are flexible always with our valued customers’ comfortability.

We will carry some biscuits, banana, sandwich, soft drinks as refreshments because we always looking keep our valued customers keep comfortable and offer wonderful ride with us. In between the cycling tour, we will offer some tropical fruits and coconut drinks experience the different tastes of fruits.

There is no additional cost for those extra fruits or snacks!

Yes, of course! We are flexible and, based on your cycling skills or fitness, you can adjust the comfortable cycling distance per day or a particular day. Always supporting vehicle around us and any given time when you are tired, you are feeling free to stop or continue the cycling tour and get the support from our support vehicle.

If you are keen on cycling. Then we are flexible enough to customize the suggested itinerary. But local experiences are spice up activities in cycling tour.

Sri Lanka's written history over 2500 years and folktales history goes beyond over 5000 years. Sri Lanka is a small pearl in the Indian ocean but Sri Lanka has rich history, highly diversified nature, interesting cultural differences, local experiences. It is really interesting to explore those experiences to understand Sri Lankan cultures and customs.

Bike Tours in Sri Lanka vision is spice up the cycling tours in Sri Lanka, blending with those unique experiences and offer exciting cycling tour beyond the expectation. Those experiences bring valued addition to Sri Lanka cycling tours. Hence you never feel just a riding tour or monotony cycling tour in Sri Lanka with Bike Tours in Sri Lanka! Your cycling holiday in Sri Lanka ends with beautiful memories.

Yes! sometimes you might need to manage with nature. Because this trail based in remote locations and you might not able to access build WCs every place. But we will try to direct you decent place as much as possible.

Well, Bike Tours in Sri Lanka cycling guide never pushes you to keep paddling or complete the cycling tour on scheduled time line. We always looking keep our valued customers keep comfortable cycling tour in Sri Lanka. Until the particular day cycling tour end by yourself, our cycling guide keeps supporting and paddling with you.

Passenger / support vehicle always around us or behind us while we are cycling. So, if you feel tired or not comfortable to cycle anymore, then you can continue the cycle tour through vehicle. we will transfer you scheduled place as mentioned in the itinerary. wherever if you are comfortable to cycling again, you are feeling free to join or continue the cycle tour again.

Well, you do not need to miss this fantastic tour anymore...! you can get E-Bike paying additional USD $30 (per day / per bike) and E-bike makes comfortable cycling tour in Sri Lanka.

No! mountain or other bike cost already included in the main cost.

Yes, of course! All your luggage transport in same vehicle.

Once finalized the cycling tour itinerary in Sri Lanka. You will receive “Guest Information Sheet” and it is information related to cycling such as your height, weight, health information and emergency contact details.

Based on that you provided data, we will fix the right frame according to your height and helmet, cycling jersey.

Yes! every cycle tour we will carry out a few extra cycles for selection to our valued customers and we will keep additional cycles until the tour end because if your cycle did not function well, we will try to fix it during the cycle tour but if we feel, takes the time to fix it, then immediately we will replace the cycle instead of spending time to fixing the cycle. We are always looking to keep paddling our valued customers and offer wonderful cycling experience on your Sri Lanka holiday.

No! all national parks are under the environment protection of law. Therefore, law applies to locals and foreigners as well. None of us allowed to collect or keep such a thing or take it out of the national park. My Ceylon Adventures / Bike Tours in Sri Lanka accountable to Wildlife conservation law and if Government made an investigation, we are liable to provide all information. Therefore, please do not remove or collect any flora or fauna from the national park.

If you are not comfortable with hotel accommodations or its services or delivery of activities, then we can negotiate with hotels or such service providers. If it is serious service laps, then you might be able to demand the refund as well. We will do needful co-ordination and represent you. In between the tour, we will acknowledge the status of the case.

So far, we never come across such experience but because of unexpected weather, if we cannot manage 100% then we will divert alternative terrain but before alternative terrain reschedule, we will discuss with our valued guest about their concerns. We will offer few alternative suggestions based on the availability, then our valued guest can make a better decision at least 24 hours before executing the operation.

We will come only to such conclusion if disaster only such as tsunami, earthquake or landslide.

We will offer 1 cycling guide every 6 guests (1:6)

Well tips are not compulsory but if you want to appreciate the service, you can pay whatever comfortable amount for you.

Usually we are recommending USD $20–$30 per day.

Yes! you are feeling free to wear any comfortable dress for you.

No! we concern all our valued guests are as one and equal for us. We never discriminate our valued guest based on gender, skin, religion, nationality or any other fact.

Every group cycling tour before starting, we will organize the socialization dinner or lunch to get to know each other. It is a great forum to get to know each other prior to start the group cycling tour in Sri Lanka.

Everyday meals will take as one group in every restaurant and hotels. Because we are always concern extending the team spirit among the group members.

We will follow the WHO given guidelines and we will ensure 100% safe from our side.

If you injured in a remote area, then we can take you nearest hospital by our supporting vehicle or we connected with 1990 emergency ambulance service and immediately we will arrange the Ambulance transferred to nearest hospital.

All our guides and escort leaders given basic First Aid training. So, they will give the basic first aids until you transfer to the hospital.

We will contact your relation that you mentioned on “Guest information sheet” and acknowledge the incident, impact, present health situation and future treatments (if information available). We will share your doctor contact details with your relation for further inquiries. Meantime, we will acknowledge your embassy and insurance company as well to notify about you.

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