Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside

(One Day Tour)

Tour Details
  • Type: One Day Tour
  • Location: Udawalwe
  • Hours: 3 - 4 Hrs
  • Group Size: Up to 7 Pax
Difficulty Level


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Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside


Cycling in Udawalawe countryside two-wheel safari in national park boundary and in rural village. If you are bored with Udawalawe national park safari or looking unique experience in Udawalawe, then cycling in Udawalawe is the right experience for you. Udawalawe cycling tour is unique safari experience and we will assure Udawalawe cycling will not just paddling tour anymore for you.

You will start the Udawalawe cycling tour from your hotel and you will cycle along the gravel countryside roads over the water tanks, greenish paddy fields. You will explore the ancient irrigation system and self-sufficiency of the countryside. It is soft cycling tour and no matter about the cycling skills. You will visit to Chena (shifting, cultivating place) and experience different techniques and way of struggling the protecting cultivations with wild animals.

Cycling in Udawalawe countryside blends with nature and local experiences and you never feel stop in between the cycle tour because every paddle you will explore the different landscaping. Nature and local experiences bring value besides Udawalawe cycling tour.

You will welcome by dancing peacock while you are cycling in Udawalawe countryside and it is phenomenal scenery in Udawalawe cycling tour.

Approximate cycling distance 35 Km – 40 Km in flat soft terrains.

Highlights of the Udawalawe Cycle Tour
  • Explore the nature and wilderness.
  • Explore the beauty of the Udawalawe countryside.
  • Experience locals’ living style and authentic customs of villagers.
  • Cycle over the water tanks and explore the low land landscapes.
  • Explore the cultivation, ancient irrigation system.
  • Integration with local paddy farmers’
  • Experience local snacks.

Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside



Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside

Operations Schedule and Other Information

Operation Details of Udawalawe Cycle Tour
  • Guided group tour
  • The Moring cycle tour starts at 8 a.m.
  • The evening cycle tour starts at 2.30 p.m.
  • Starts from your hotel in Udawalawe and ends at the same place.
  • Approx. cycling distance 35 - 40 Km and duration 3 - 4 hrs.
  • Flat gravel countryside terrain.
Difficulty Level
  • Soft Cycling Trail
Health Advises and Age Restrictions
  • We do not advise pregnant ladies.
  • Recommended age 10 years and above.
  • Casual dress or cycling outfit
  • Good sunscreen and sunglass

Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside


Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside


  • 1 pax

    $ 190
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • 2 pax

    $ 90
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • 3 pax

    $ 70
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • 4 pax

    $ 60
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • 5-6 pax

    $ 50
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • 7 pax and above

    $ 45
    (Rate Per Person in US$)
  • E-bike (Optional)

    $ 30
    (Cost Per E-bike Per Day in US$)
Cost Inclusions:
  • Well experienced cycling guide.
  • Mountain bikes and helmets.
  • Unlimited water and fresh tropical fruits during cycle tour.
  • Local house visits with snack experience.
Cost Does Not Include:
  • E-bike rentals not included.
Payments and Cancelation
  • Tour will confirm up on the payment.
  • You may need to check the availability before making the payment.
Cancelation Policy
  • If you are going to cancel the activity before the 24 of the operation takes place, then we will not apply for any cancelation charge.
  • If the activity cancels from My Ceylon Adventures (our) end because of unexpected weather condition effect then Fully refunded (100%) or you can book alternative activity instead of the refund.

Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside


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Cycling in Udawalwe Countryside

Frequently Asking Questions and Answers

No, it is a guided group tour.

Yes! we are flexible enough to start the Udawalawe cycle tour any convenient time for you and there is no tremendous impact from the day time warm because it is countryside cycle tour with nature, hence temperature you will not feel lot.

Yes, of course! That mentioned breaks in the itinerary to indicate about breaks in between the cycle tour and there is no restriction to take a break or take pictures while you are cycling.

We want to keep you relax and add memories of your Sri Lanka holiday. So, you are feeling free to take the pictures as a souvenir and we are flexible always with our valued customers’ comfortability.

Yes! sometimes you might need to manage with nature. Because this trail based in remote locations and you might not able to access build WCs every place.

Well, Udawalawe cycle your based on flat and gravel terrains in Udawalawe and it is easy to cycle even for beginner. However, there are two suggestions, your partner can ride as much as possible distance with you and then after she or he can get into our support vehicle and you can continue the cycle tour with our cycling guide. Partner can relax on the vehicle and it is always behind us for the support throughout the tour. Again, your partner can join with the cycle tour wherever comfortable place.

Or your partner can get E-bike with extra battery and then partner can ride comfortably.

Well, you do not need to miss this fantastic tour anymore...! you can get E-Bike paying additional USD $30 and E-bike makes comfortable cycle tour in Udawalawe.

No! mountain bike cost already included in the cost.

No! it is optional cost.

Yes, of course! Our supporting vehicle always behind the riders and we are using bring extra cycles and water for the cycle tour. We pleased to transport your luggage’s next point along with you and there is not any additional cost.

Yes! every cycle tour we will carry out a few extra cycles for selection to our valued customers and we will keep additional cycles until the tour end because if your cycle did not function well in between the tour, we will try to fix it during the cycle tour but if we feel take the time to fix the bike, then immediately we will replace the cycle instead of spend the time to fixing the cycle. We dislike keeping waiting long duration and warm down the body. We are always looking forward to offering wonderful cycle tour in Sri Lanka.

If you could not ride due to weather, low light or fitness issue, then you can get the support from our back-up vehicle and others can continue the cycle tour with our guide. We will drop you in Udawalawe hotel as part of the tour, and there is not any additional cost for that transport.
Or after the sometime later, if you are comfortable to ride again with your team or partner and you can join with the cycle tour again. We do not push you to end the cycle tour as expected duration. We will keep paddling with you until the tour end and at the end we are looking forward to offer wonderful ride that you spend money.

Yes! fully refunded from our side because of the Weather or unexpected circumstance cancelled by Bike Tours in Sri Lanka ends.

We will keep post before the operation takes place in 24 hrs. If you did not receive any message from our end, that’s mean scheduled operation of activity takes place as it is.

Yes! you are feeling free to wear any comfortable dress for you (except swimming dress).

We will follow the WHO given guidelines and we will ensure 100% safe from our side.

If you injured in a remote area, then we can take you nearest hospital by our supporting vehicle or we connected with 1990 emergency ambulance service and immediately we will arrange the Ambulance transferred to nearest hospital.

All our guides and escort leaders given basic First Aid training. So, they will give the basic first aids until you transfer to the hospital.

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