Adventure Time has definitely taken the world by storm. Head on down to your regional Slackers, and you’ll observe comics, figures, and dvds, but now you can now bring Jake the Dog and Finn the Human with you on the encounter together with Adventure Time: Hello Ice King! Why would You Steal Our Garbage on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS!

If you’re a fan of old school Nintendo games, then straight off the bat, you might get a sense of retro déjà vu. The game play is quite similar to Zelda II, using an overworld map, and side scrolling dungeon regions scattered all over the Property of Ooo.

The levels themselves are pretty standard (scary woods and ice castles), but feature a huge variety of enemies, from mind-controlling worms to sentient signposts. Most enemies are simple enough to manage by themselves, but some of them pack a wallop. So stock up on sandwiches and milkshakes or things might find a little hard for you.

One of the best parts of this game is the story. Fans of Adventure Time will be glad to know that it had been written by the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, so the story is solid. You play as Finn the Individual as you (if the title didn’t give you a hint) attempt to discover just why exactly the Ice King has stolen your crap.

The sport itself is a great piece of nostalgic side scrolling hackslash, together with beautifully rendered graphics that follow the sense of the series. The pacing is strong, and leaves you excited for what the upcoming new place has in store.

Adventure Time also has among the greatest uses of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS around also. The worlds have an almost pop-up novel quality to them, making the graphics feel very vivid and living, which is not an easy feat for such an easy game.

The only real problem I had with this game was the length. Though this may be ideal for kids with shorter attention spans, for your older fans of the show, it may leave you wanting more. A game like this should take a while to playwith, so that you can soak up the beautiful art, level up, explore, and possess a sense of accomplishment when completed. Though the game was a lot of fun, it really felt hurried.

Another dilemma is a troublesome little glitch during an end game boss combat. It took several tries, and many trips to the web for help to figure out a strategy to beat it. Given the target market for this game (kids ) it would not be surprising if many gave up on finishing this game from frustration.

However, Adventure Time: Hello Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage provides a solid gaming experience perfect for fans of this series and casual gamers alike. And, with the extra portability, any moment might be ADVENTURE TIME!

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