Medieval Capital of Polonnaruwa in the 12th c. AD, the medieval capital of Polonnaruwa was one of the great urban centres in South Asia. Today, the well preserved ruins give you the chance to experience the grandeur of this period and marvel at the artistry of the island’s early craftsmen.

Located 142km from Colombo, Polonnaruwa was the island’s second ancient capital. Many of the existing ruins owe their construction to Parakramabahu the Great, the last in a sequence of warrior-kings, who developed the city on a lavish scale. He is also credited with the massive artificial lake that lies to the west of the city, The sea of Parakrama.

Colombo: Polonnaruwa located 235 Km away from Colombo (5 – 6 hours drive)

Airport: Sigiriya located 198 Km away from the Airport (4 – 5 hours drive)


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