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  1. Make a decision about perfectly matching Cycling Holiday Option.

You can do Guided and Self-Guided Cycling Holidays in Sri Lanka. According to our experience if

Self – Guided Cycling Holidays:

 You are well fit enough, you have good technical skills about maintaining cycle, good direction reader, at least you can ride 120 – 150 Km per day and if you have done solo cycling tours before. Then you can do the Self – Guided cycling tour in Sri Lanka. But there are some countryside roads there is no direction sign, then you must be patient and somehow you have to communicate with local people.

Most of people able understand English and you have to speak with them very slowly.     

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23 Girls Ride around the Sri Lanka fund rising programme for develop rural community education in Sri Lanka

22nd March arrived 23 Ladies from Tasmania and most of them too excited about exploring Sri Lanka in Two Wheel. 23rd March they arrived to Sigiriya and Visited 8th wonder of the world and experienced ancient Sri Lankans’ architecture skills.

23 ladies ride along the canal, water tanks, paddy fields, national park binderies and experience scenic landscapes and had wonderful integration with local communities.

Every paddle there were amazing thing to experience and every Sri Lanka treated nice smile, kids cheer up and encouraged to ride more than estimated number of Kilometers.

A community school in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, has a new playground, classroom and computer lab thanks to the efforts of the Girls Gone Riding group.

The 23 Tasmanian women recently completed their two-week trip to Sri Lanka, where they donated $24,000 to the Aspirations Education Foundation.

My Ceylon Adventures presence as Cycling Service provider and it is great opportunity us join hand with such Cycling event.    

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My Ceylon Adventures Cycling Team wanted find out more comfortable bike models to Sri Lanka and our team did Cycling holidays in Sri Lanka road analysis and we realized most of our cycling terrain based in moderated and countryside routs and most of countryside routs gravel or less maintained tar roads. When you are riding those roads bit long distance you might feel little bit of pain wrist area due to continuous vibration when you are riding such road conditions.  Most of terrains are soft trails so we decided offer Hybrid Mountain bikes.

So far we have done over 300 cycling holidays in Sri Lanka and Cycling Day Excursion activities. We have offered different type of cycles such as Mountain bikes, Road bikes and Flat Bar Hybrid bikes as well. Based on given customer feedbacks and most of cyclist expressed “Hybrid Mountain Bikes” are more comfortable ride to them.   

So we are confidently recommending  “Hybrid Mountain Bikes”

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British Airways organized Tuk Tuk Challenge holidays gathering funds for charity activities Jetwing Travels is key co-ordinator of this event and My Ceylon Adventures is official cycling service provider in Polonnaruwa.

My Ceylon Adventures join hands with Jetwing Travels and British Airways as part of CSR project. It was wonderful event and there were 20 participants from England. Basically participants divided 10 teams and each team got two different challenges.  Team Challenge 1st was exploring one historical place in sacred city of Polonnaruwa and while they were exploring 2nd challenge was “Social Challenge”; it was about integrate with local communities. While they were exploring historical places they have to learn about “Native words” and it was fun and because wonderful experience.

As part of our CSR projects, we are always encouraging and supporting charity and CSR events.

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